About me

A 33 year old mum of one who works in PR and likes to travel with her husband and son when time and money allows.

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Laura! I enjoyed reading your posts on your trips to India. There’s so much to explore. Look forward to reading your account on the seven sister states (North-east) and Northern (Himalayan) circuit. That’s when you do make the plan. 🙂

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  2. Well, when I’m asked, why I like to travel and like you am obsessed by “going away” my standard answer is: “Going away is the only chance of coming home again.”

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    1. That is a lovely answer and is so very true. As much as it is nice to get away and explore new places, it is lovely to come home and see family and our pet cat!


    1. Isn’t it brilliant? You get to see so much more of a country that way and I also find it interesting to see how the network works differently (often better!) from at home.

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      1. Yes just a wonderful way to travel around! Ever since I first went backpacking from the UK on an Interrail Pass for a month I’ve been hooked. I love sitting back and watching the scenery and countries unfold! To get anywhere from Perth, where we now live, you really have to fly so I look forward to my rail “fix” when I travel to Europe!


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