All change

Long time, no post and yet so much to post about. 

We embarked on our Indian adventure in Dec 2015- Jan 2016 and I had grand plans of writing it up upon our return. It was an absolutely amazing trip. We saw so much, met so many lovely people and enjoyed such great food. So why haven’t I written about it yet? 

India confirmed something for us – we no longer wanted to be living in London. London is an amazing city – there’s so much to see, so much to do and it can be a great place to live. If you are an oligarch or have been moved to London by your company for work and they are paying for zone 1 accommodation, it is as easy to live in London as anywhere else. But if you are an average person, living on even an above average salary there are certain trade offs to be made. You can stay in London and have less space but enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life. Or move out of London and have more room and enjoy all that the countryside has to offer. We picked the later and our hunt started to find a new home. We moved at the start of March to a wonderful little town, South of London, close to where we grew up and where much of our family still are. 

We also had some other exciting news – five days after returning from India, we found out I was pregnant! We were (are still of course) thrilled and are so excited about what the future holds for us. Finding out I was pregnant confirmed for us even more how much we wanted to move. I know plenty of people who love raising children in London and they have a brilliant life, but for us it wasn’t what we wanted. We are still close enough to visit on weekends but we wanted more of a rural life day to day. We wanted space, we wanted a garden – in short we wanted our child to have a similar childhood to the ones we both enjoyed. 

And here he is, Baby Baker on an ultrasound at 15 weeks. I say he because we were impatient and decided we had to know the sex. We have a little boy joining us at the end of September. 

 So, in a rather large nutshell, that is why blogging has been difficult for the first part of 2016. Not only have we been busy moving house, but we’ve been enjoying the great parts of my pregnancy, as well as surviving the not so great parts! Constant nausea, occassional sickness and exhaustion have not been the best things about it, but those have mostly eased up and I’m enjoying life again. 

As we approach the half way mark of my pregnancy (20 weeks tomorrow), I hope to kick off my blogging once more. After all, not only do I have a tonne of posts to write up about India, but with a couple of pregnant trips ahead and a new town to explore,  I’m going to have some other pretty interesting things to write about. 



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