Another Indian adventure 

Long time, no blogging (sadly). I’m not too sure what happened but I’m sad to say I stopped for a while. I’m back though and with plans for an exciting trip.

Those who have read my blog before, will know that I LOVE India. My husband and I have been there twice before, once in 2011 and again in 2013 for our honeymoon.  Well we are off again. Flying out on 30th December from Heathrow, we are going to get to spend just under three weeks in Incredible India. 

We are just at the planning stage at the moment, (which has proved tricky this time), but it looks like our route is as follows:

  • Wed 30/12 – Fly from Heathrow
  • Thurs 31/12 – Mumbai
  • Fri 01/01 – Mumbai
  • Sat 02/01 – Morning flight to Varkala 
  • Sun 03/01 – Varkala
  • Mon 04/01 – Varkala
  • Tues 05/01 – Varkala
  • Wed 06/01 – Nilgiri Mountains
  • Thurs 07/01 – Nilgiri Mountains
  • Fri 08/01 – Nilgiri Mountains 
  • Sat 09/01 – Nilgiri Mountains 
  • Sun 10/01 – Fly to Amritsar
  • Mon 11/01 – Amritsar
  • Tues 12/01 – Amritsar 
  • Wed 13/01 – Delhi
  • Thurs 14/01 – Delhi
  • Fri 15/01 – Varanasi
  • Sat 16/01 – Varanasi 
  • Sun – 17/01 – Mumbai
  • Mon – 18/01 – Mumbai
  • Tues – 19/01 – Home

We hope it is a good mixture of relaxation, exploration and adventure. The schedule has changed a million times so far (India has far too much to see!), so it will be interesting to see how it changes over the next 2.5 months! Wherever we end up going, we know that India will continue to be incredible.

2 thoughts on “Another Indian adventure 

    1. Thanks for your comment. We are cramming in an awful lot – we always try to as India just has too much to offer and we don’t have enough holiday time from work! We can’t wait to start our adventure.

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