Jolyon’s at no. 10, Cardiff

I love a weekend away. So often it is just what is needed to recharge and refresh. Often nowadays, weekend’s away involve my husband taking part in some sort of cycling event, while I am much more lazy, sipping cocktails and exploring the city at a leisurely pace. This is what happened on our recent trip to Cardiff when my husband was taking part in Velothon, Wales. 

We were there specifically for him to take part in the cycle event and when he signed up a little under a year ago, we really should have booked a hotel then and there, but alas, we didn’t and when we started looking at them in March, it looked like we’d have to fork out £200 for one night in a mediocre hotel! Ouch!

Luckily we procrastinated a little more (it does come in handy sometimes) and suddenly a room became available at Jolyon’s at no. 10. for just £130. We booked it straight away.  

Billed as a four star boutique hotel, Jolyon’s at no. 10 is situated on Cathedral Road, a leisurely 15 minute walk away from the town centre. We arrived at around lunchtime – a couple of hours before our scheduled check in time, but this was no problem for the staff who were friendly and happy to allow us into the room early with no extra charge.

As we were there for the cycling event, my husband’s biggest concern was taking care of his bicycle, Serge (yes, he has named it!) and making sure it would be secure over night. Although the hotel had arranged the conference room to be used as bike storage, this room did not have a lock on it. Some cyclists may not be concerned about this, while others will feel deeply concerned about leaving their bike in an unlocked room but this is something work bearing in mind if booking here for the velothon in future.

The hotel rooms were nice and spacious. They did lack some of the decorative features visible in the photos on the website, but they were nice none the less. I especially enjoyed the free sweets that came with the room – it was a nice touch!   

The bathroom, in particular was designed in a very modern way and was super luxurious. The bath was deep and would have been perfect for any cyclist to unwind after the race (although we were only staying here the night before the race). I also liked that the bathroom featured a subtle blue light to avoid having to switch on the main light in the middle of the night and waking your companion. 

Unfortunately I do have one criticism of the room. It was unbearably hot. Despite the room having an air conditioning unit (which made things marginally better), the temperature meant it was impossible for me to sleep through the night. After going to bed at midnight, I woke up at 3am feeling dehydrated and had to go and get a wet flannel to rest on me in order to make me feel a little more comfortable. I have stayed in a lot of hotels in India where it is in excess of 35 degrees and have never struggled with heat so much, so it must have been pretty bad. Saying that, my husband slept through the night and although he did find the room very hot, it didn’t make him overly uncomfortable.

I have read online that the heating problem is an ongoing issue with room 203 and I believe also 206, I am unsure about the other rooms but if you book at the hotel, It may be worth requesting not to have those two rooms. I do hope the hotel sort this problem as it such a lovely hotel in every other way.  

The hotel also features a restaurant/bar. We didn’t venture in there until the Sunday morning when we enjoyed a lovely cooked breakfast. I ordered haddock with poached eggs, while my husband opted to just have pastries as he was not feeling very well. The breakfast cost £7.50 if booked at time of check in, or £10 the following morning.

   Overall I would recommend this hotel. Despite the heat, I would stay here again but would request a different room if staying in the summer. I’m sure it would be nice and toasty in room 203 the winter though!

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Jolyon’s at No. 10

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