Just over a week until the big G begins. One of the biggest worries for many ahead of the festival is how on earth do I carry my stuff?

If you are travelling by public transport, you are very limited and really just have to bring what you can carry. But remember, there are plenty of places to buy things on site.

If on the other hand, you are travelling by car, then you have many more options open to you. One option is to leave half your stuff in the car and make two trips on to the site with your things. The other is to bring some sort of trolley with you. I am a huge advocate of the latter.

Our trusty trolley

This is our trusty trolley, a sack trolley with pneumatic wheels. It cost us £12.99 from B&Q back in 2007, although I believe they are more like £25 now. 

   As you can see we aren’t really too organised about the way we load things on. This is something we are aiming to improve this year and will be buying a crate or two to put lose blankets/small bags/wellies into which should make the trolley much more stable.

This is similar to what it looks like when it isn’t laden down with tonnes of stuff!

This trolley has done us proud but something that is really important to remember is to make sure you blow up the tyres before leaving. We haven’t in the past and have been caught out with a flat which means we have had a bit of a disaster mid way to our campsite. 

Other options

Although our favoured option is our B&Q sack trolley with pneumatic wheels, others prefer different options. 

The garden trolley is particular popular among those with children. Not only is it brilliant for carrying your things into the festival, but it also doubles up as a great way of carting around little people. Look out for some of the brilliantly pimped up garden trolleys. I’ve seen ones decorated as everything from cowboy wagons to space ships. The children always look so cosy inside!


Wheelbarrows have never appealed to me personally. They just don’t look like the comfiest thing to have to drag or push into a festival and as my balance isn’t very good, I would probably end up in a heap on the floor with all my belongings on top of me!

That said, plenty of people swear by them and there are some pretty funky looking, brightly coloured and light weight wheelbarrows around nowadays. 

What not to bring

Golf trollies, shopping trollies, sack trollies with non-pneumatic wheels, wheelie bins and anything else with small wheels are all pretty much useless! Remember, you are walking over the land of a working farm so it tends to be quite rugged terrain. Also if it rains, it doesn’t taken much to churn up the land and 175,000 people will certainly do it! If gets muddy very quickly so all of these will get stuck in the mud very easily!


Don’t forget the extras 

Bungee chords, cable ties and string all come in handy for securing all your bits and pieces together so don’t forget them. We also usually bring masking tape as well which can also be good for securing things, as well as for tent disasters!

Remember to pack things you might need while queing,somewhere sensible, such as tickets, drinks, snacks and raincoats. There’s nothing worse than having dig it out from the bottom of your trolley!

2 thoughts on “Glaston-trolley

    1. That is madness! I wonder if he made it as far as the site with it. I can see how it would work (as far as the gates anyway) if you have your car. Beyond that, it could quite possibly be a case of literally being stuck in the mud!

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