Have you got your Glastonbury warmth?

Where will you be this time in two weeks? I’ll be at Glastonbury! If you are reading this, chances are you’ll be there too. 

It’s about the time of year when I start thinking about what to pack and picking up any last minute essentials to take with me. That’s why I was so pleased to receive two big boxes in the post with lots of Glastonbury warmth inside.

The team at Heat Holders very kindly gifted me a few bits and pieces to take to the festival this year. Started in 2006, Heat Holders’ goal was to revolutionise thermal wear. There were so many thermal socks on the market, but many were cheap and not really that great. Heat Holders aimed to be different and after much research came up with a premijm quality sock with a 2.34 TOG (that’s TOG like you get when you buy your duvet) rating. When you consider that the standard thermal sock has just a 0.89 TOG rating, the Heat Holder socks were pretty amazing! 

They then started to develop other products too and now have all sorts of blankets, hats, leggings and other items for cold winter (or Glastonbury in my case) nights. 

In my package from Heat Holders was:

At the moment I’m sitting here with really toasty feet wearing the original socks on. They are going to make such a difference when I’m in my sleeping bag at night! 

The blanket was kidnapped by my husband and cat last night! It was so warm and cosy we just couldn’t resist using it on the sofa. We all know how cold it gets at Glastonbury during the night, especially if the weather is really nice in the the day time (I’m feeling confident for a heat wave!) – this blanket is going to make such a difference.   

All of these items will definitely be going into my back pack shortly and I’ll let you know how I got on with them upon my return.

If you haven’t finished your Glastonbury shopping yet and are still thinking of getting a few extra bits and pieces to keep you warm in the Tuesday night ticket queue or at the Stone Circle, definitely check out the Heat Holders website.

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Heat Holders

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