Sunday lunch at the Garden Gate, Hampstead

Last Sunday it was a lovely day and we decided we wanted to grab a bite to eat, somewhere with a beer garden. London seems to really lack beer gardens. OK, so there’s some really special ones around and about but when you leave London, beer gardens are everywhere. 

Luckily we live a stones throw from Hampstead Heath. The heath is beautiful for a walk or a swim (it has some amazing fresh water bathing pools), but it’s also has a great assortment of pubs, some of which have beer gardens. One of those pubs is the Garden Gate.   Situated right next door to Hampstead Heath station, the Garden Gate has a beautiful patio garden complete with an outdoor bar. The garden is sheltered between walls and trees, making it perfect if it is is one of London’s windy days. 

Of course with the sunny weather, we weren’t the only ones to have hunted down a beer garden and it seemed like half of north west London was there. Given that there are several other decent pubs to chose from, this was clearly a good sign. Luckily we managed to get one of the last remaining tables so we could order some food.

The food was delicious. We opted for a roast dinner each. My husband had the chicken and I had the beef. At £12.50 for the chicken and £14.50 for the beef, it was a little  on the pricy side but very tasty. As the weather was nice they also had a BBQ going which was serving burgers. We had initially thought we’d opt for one of those however they were the same price as the roast and didn’t look nearly as nice! When it comes to burgers, I have a limit on how much I’m willing to spend. About £10 is that limit!

The pub also sells a great selection of premium brand dog treats so if you have a pooch, they can have a snack too!  Overall, the Garden Gate is a beautiful pub, with a lovely beer garden and serving delicious food. I would definitely go there again.    

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The Garden Gate, Hampstead

2 thoughts on “Sunday lunch at the Garden Gate, Hampstead

  1. That looks nom nom nom! I didn’t have a huge budget when I went to the UK, so I didn’t get to experience the foods as much as I wanted. Is this in the heart of London? Like, easy to access?


    1. Hi Emily, yeah, it’s zone 2 so not right in the centre but still central. Maybe a 10 min tube ride from the centre.

      That’s a huge problem with London – it is so expensive! I have a post on here about reasonably priced London food (there are actually some!) so if you come back to London make sure to check that out.


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