An afternoon down the Underground

Are you a Londoner? Do you remember when the Jubilee Line not only had a station at Charing Cross but terminated there too? I vaguely do but that was back in the last millennium, before the jubilee line extension was built which resulted in the underground heading down a slightly different route that it still goes down today. 

Although members of the public can no longer access the platforms on a day to day basis, they are occassionally used for special events such as the Underground Film Club.  

As we are both mega transport geeks, when my husband saw that the Rootop Film Club was taking things underground for a week in 2015, he jumped at the chance to buy tickets. There were a variety of films on from children’s movies through to cult classics. My husband opted for Blade Runner. 

Upon on arrival, we were directed through the usual Oyster Card ticket barriers at Charing Cross and down some escalators. There we were greeted by a team of TFL/Underground Film Club staff. We were then directed down another flight of escalators where mocktails and hot dogs were on sale.   Being overly enthusiastic, we were the first ones there which gave us a nice chance to have a chat to the TFL staff before the film started, including an interesting chat about the time my tube broke down on a hot summer’s day and I got to walk through the tunnel (definitely a highlight of my London living!) 

Once it was time for the film to start, we we’re directed down a platform through to another foyer where the screen was positioned along with 30 or so director’s chairs for us to watch from.   The film was brilliant (can you believe I hadn’t seen Blade Runner before?), but not as a brilliant as the totally surreal experience of watching it on a disused tube platform! The old line maps were even still on the wall so I started to reminise about trips on the jubilee line in 1998 up to St John’s Wood to stalk certain celebrities (awkward)! There were also all sorts of old billboard posters on the wall, some which looked like there may have been from when the tube station was in operation, others which were there for filming, as well as historic tube related ads that were put there for the event.  A tube carriage was also installed on the platform which was to be used as one our evacuation exits of the worst happened…  It was a fabulous day out and really nice to do something a little different with a Saturday afternoon. 

Check out the underground film club website and make sure you look out for more events in the future. Although the tickets cost £15, given the unique and exclusive experience, as well as the central London location, the price really isn’t all that bad.

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3 thoughts on “An afternoon down the Underground

  1. I went to London a few years ago, and I never imagined they offered such a unique experience. That would be something I hope they do in Toronto (eventually!).


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