Product review: Dermatique UK Recuperating Cream

Last week I posted about how I had been sent the amazing Dermatique UK Recuperating Cream to try. Having used it for over a week now, I feel pretty qualified to share my results and verdict on the cream.

I’ve got to start by saying how grateful I am to the guys at Dermatique for sending it to me because it has totally transformed my skin.


I have really annoying skin. On my face it tends to be dry in places, yet I’m still prone to breakouts. Meanwhile just below my neck, below my chest and on my back I have little patches of eczema which can be quite itchy and a little peely. I also suffer from a really dry foot (just the one – how weird is that?) which can be uncomfortable, itchy and leads to me having constant cracked heels. 

All of these skin issues made me an ideal candidate for trying out Dermatique’s Recuperating Cream. 

First impressions

Billed as perfect for anyone with dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis,rosacea and dermatitis, Dermatique’s recuperating Cream is wonderfully rich in moisture, yet not too thick in consistency. 

The cream is free from steroids meaning it is safe to use on the face and also does not have any allergens making it perfect for anyone with allergy-prone skin.

Packaged in a small pot similar to those used by many premium brand beauty products, the cream looks high brow, healthy and natural. The pot is made of a light plastic which makes it perfect for travel, especially when there are stringent weight restrictions on your luggage. 

My experience 

I decided to use the cream every day, twice a day for a week in order to test it out before reviewing. I’m quite forgetful so did miss a couple of applications throughout the week and decided I would wait an extra couple of days before reviewing. 

Nine days in and I’m really thrilled with the results. One of the things I love about it is the fact that it can be used anywhere on the body. If you are like me and lose things all the time then this will be a bit of a bonus as it was less thing to lose! It is also a huge benefit when travelling as it one less thing to lug on holiday with you!

The dryness on my face has totally disappeared and it has helped clear up some redness which I had always put down to spots, but actually I think may have been a little bit of eczema or rosacea


The cream has also worked wonders on my dry foot. Although it is still a little itchy, for the first time in years I don’t have awful peely skin and my cracked heels are clearing up. I have never been for a pedicure before which is in part due to how awful I think my foot looks but if I keep using the cream and it keeps getting better and better, I think I might consider letting someone near my feet! 

My back and front of my body have been more tricky to get under control. I have been a little rubbish at applying it consistently to my back as it can be difficult to reach. Despite this there is a definite improvement but I think I will need to use the cream a little bit longer and a bit more consistently to see a total change here. My skin is definitely peeling less and feels much more moisturised though.  


I really can’t criticise this product at all. It matches up to and goes beyond any premium brand beauty products I’ve used before. It is definitely something I will keep in my beauty regime from now on. 

Key facts

Dermatique website

Price: £29


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