Top seven Glastonbury food finds

Before I went to Glastonbury I had no idea what to expect when it came to food. I assumed it would just be the standard burgers and chips you get at most festivals. How wrong I was! The food at Glastonbury is so varied and totally tasty, there actually aren’t enough meals in the festival to try all the delicious treats. So here are just five of the best, must eat dishes.

1/ The Manic Organic breakfast

I first discovered the Manic Organic Breakfast at the 2007 festival and make a special effort to have at least one every year. Situated in the Green Fields area, Manic Organic serves only vegetarian food. The breakfast is amazing – Sosmix, Bulger wheat, fried potatoes, tomatoes, all sorts of herbs and spices… It’s a huge plate of healthyness and really sets you up for the day! I challenge anyone not to enjoy it. It costs about £8 which may sound a lot for vegetarian food but you get so much food for your money and it really does fill you up.

2/ Lebanese at the Park

On the left hand side as you enter the Park, lies a series of food stalls. The best by far is the Lebanese. Served Mezze style in three different sizes, the Lebanese is both delicious and healthy. Taboulleh, bulgar wheat, chickpeas and those lovely little goats cheese & spinach pastries are just some of the delights to taste there. Prices range from about £5 to £8 depending on portion size.  

3/ Yeo Valley yogurt 

Yogurt – I absolutely love yogurt. Does anyone not? Every year, Yeo Valley takes a stall near to the Pyramid stage and sells those great big pots of yogurt for £1. It is such a refreshing treat on a hot day and definitely fills a space. 

4/ Goan Fish Curry 

To the right of the West Holts stage is the Goan Fish Curry stall. The idea of eating fish at a festival can seem a little iffy so it would be easy to miss out on this place. But I decided to break the ‘no fish’ rule and brave the the Goan Fish Curry. I did not regret it. Even my husband enjoyed it and he is not a fish fan at all. Give it a go – it’s about £7 a plate.  

5/ Hare Krishna lentils

I’ve mentioned the Hare Krishna food in my previous post but I have to mention it again. The daal (lentil) dish is really great. The reason lentils are such a staple on the Indian subcontinent is because they are really filling so if you are looking for something enjoyable which will also keep you going for a while, then head to the Hare Krishna tent at feeding time. It’s FOC as well! 

Situated near to the West Holts Field close to the Leftfield, you shouldn’t struggle to find this one.  6/ Bhatti Wraps

Have you ever been to North India and had a Kathi roll? If the answers yes then that is basically what a Bhatti Wrap is. A Bhatti wrap is a Roti stuffed with salad, sauce and whichever main filling you pick from the menu. Fillings on offer include paneer, numerous chicken options and lamb, as well as several other vegetarian options. Each wrap is priced at around £7 or £8. 

To find the Bhatti Wrap stall you need to head up towards the nothern end of the site. It usually lies in between the Circus area and the Kids Field. 7/ Coyote Moon Cafe

Hidden away off the beaten track is the Coyote Moon Cafe. Serving all sorts of delicious food, the cafe has a cute little yurt you can sit in to eat your food. I ordered a delicious Halloumi burger. Ok, so they call it a burger but it is actually a ciabatta with Halloumi and salad. Whatever it was, for £5 it was most definitely a bargain!

Finding the Coyote Moon Cafe can be a little tricky. Head up the path that lies to the left of Park Stage Field and take the first right as though you are heading to the Stone Circle. You will find the cafe on the right hand side.


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