Lunch at the Trafalgar Hotel, London

My friend Fiona is one of most kind hearted people I know. She is always hugely supportive of me and is great fun to spend time with. Which is why when her birthday came round this month, I wanted to take her somewhere special to celebrate.

We opted for the Trafalgar Hotel in Central London. Part of the Hilton Hotel Group, the Trafalgar hotel overlooks the beautifully historic, Trafalgar Square which is one of London’s must see sites for any visitors. 

In the summertime, the hotel opens its rooftop bar, Vista, which has spectacular views out over London and is a lovely way to spend a summer’s afternoon or evening. Although last Saturday it was a lovely, sunny day, it was too late to book a table on the rooftop as loads of other people had beaten us to it. Instead we sat inside at the Rockwell Bar

Although we couldn’t enjoy the sunshine, we did have a lovely afternoon at the Rockwell Bar. It was the first time I had ordered food at the Trafalgar. We both ordered the vegetarian enchilada and a side of Red Pepper Humous and Pitta Bread. Both were delicious. If I’m honest, we didn’t need the Humous. The enchilada was plenty.  To drink, Fiona opted for wine and I opted for beer – I needed something refreshing on such a warm day! 

Although the prices weren’t the cheapest in the world, the food was reasonably priced with the enchilada costing just £9. For London, this isn’t bad. The Trafalgar is a luxury boutique hotel so you expect prices to be a little expensive, but you can easily pay the same price for food in some of London’s gastropubs. Wine was a little on the expensive side for London, but I have been reliably informed that it was tasty, while beer was actually pretty cheap given the location at £5 for a corona.   If I had to criticise one thing it would be that service was a little slower than I had experienced previously. I wonder if the hotel had been surprised by the sunny day and had sent some of the staff upstairs to the roof bar to help with the rush there? Hopefully the service will be back to its usual brilliance next time I visit.

Overall it was a brilliant afternoon and I would definitely return. Just remember to book a table in advance if you hope to check out the views from the roof bar.

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