Trusty hand luggage bags can be enough for any trip away 

This is my trusty bag. Bought four years ago before we took our first trip to India, this is what I take with me on almost every trip.


It may not look very big, that’s because it’s not. It is precisely 25+4 litres. Despite this, I still manage to pack everything I need into it with a few spare items too.

When people see my bag and I tell them I’m taking it anywhere for longer than three days, they look shocked. But it has done me just fine. It has travelled to India with me for 17 days and Glastonbury music festival for six days, as well as many other shorter trips. 

Why such a small bag?

People tend to fit into one of three categories when they travel:

  1. They don’t want to pay extra for hold luggage
  2. Even if they don’t mind paying extra, they  have nightmares about their luggage going missing en route
  3. They don’t want to hang around at the other end waiting on their luggage to come out of the hold.

We fitted into category two and three on our first trip to India. We had a lot of internal flights to take and decided the risk of our luggage getting lost coupled with us being on a tight schedule made it far too stressful taking checked luggage. 

On other trips we have travelled by a budget airline so haven’t had cabin baggage included in our ticket price. We’d rather have the extra money to spend on holiday, not on getting our luggage there. 

How to fit everything in such a tiny backpack?

Good packing 

Don’t just chuck it all in and hope for the best. Roll things up, fold things up and make clever use of the gaps. I find packing things together tightly decreases the space needed and stops creasing.


Planning helps decrease over packing. If you know what outfits you are going to wear on which days, it stops you slinging in loads of extra things that don’t necessarily go together and which you won’t wear. Nothing annoys me more than coming home from a holiday with tonnes of unworn clothes but I have to admit, I always manage a couple of items.

Buy on holiday

Unless you are going to the remotest place in the world, there are bound to be shops. Think about what you can buy once you are at your destination. Often things like shampoo and conditioner are cheaper than at home. 

So next time you pack for a trip away, consider opting for a smaller bag to get you through your trip. You may find its a great move! 


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