Have you considered Air India?

So you’ve decided to visit India. What next? I guess you probably need to pick an airline. There are so many to choose from and the natural first port of call when researching who to fly with is probably to check out someone like British Airways. Yes, British Airways are amazing, however it is worth also thinking outside the box and taking a look at India’s national carrier, Air India.

We flew Air India from London Heathrow to Mumbai, with the return leg from New Delhi, as well as an internal flight from Mumbai to Goa. We were impressed with all three flights, but on this occasion I will review the London Heathrow to Mumbai leg. Check in

Check in was easy. When we travelled from London, there were many people returning to India to celebrate Diwali with their families and of course, this meant they had a lot of suitcases with gifts for their loved ones. Despite this, staff worked hard to keep things moving and check in was very quick and well organised. Although check in was mobbed, we waited in the queue for just about 10 minutes before being swiftly checked in.

On board 

 Having never flown Air India before, we really didn’t know what to expect. We had one friend who had flown with them once upon a time to New York and was impressed,but that was around 15 years ago! We were not dissapointed. 

We were greeted by very friendly cabin crew as we boarded the modern plane. They pointed us in the direction of our seats and the flight began.   

As I’ve mentioned many times before in my blog, I am a complete and utter transport geek. This meant that in the run up to my flight I had researched everything about it, from the aeroplane we’d be flying on, to the film selections on board. 

What surprised me about the movie choices was that there were just so many, from Bollywood to Hollywood and other smaller regional Indian films in between – there was a huge list with something for everyone. 

The food

Like with everything else relating to the flight, I had researched the food in advance! When I looked at the options online I just couldn’t believe how many there were. There was Indian, European, Chinese, vegetarian, non-vegetarian (yes that is how meat eaters are described in India. I love the idea that vegetarian is the norm), Halal, Kosher, Jain…the list seemed to go on and on! 

I spent a long time in advance trying to figure out which option I should go with but in the end, I had to pick Indian. What better way to start of my Indian adventure than with an Indian meal. I wasn’t dissapointed. We ate three meals – a breakfast type meal, a large dinner style meal and a snack. No sooner had we finished one than staff seemed to bringing round the next. I love eating so that was perfect for me. As you would expect, all drinks were free so I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and a vodka and orange. My husband was slightly bewildered when the flight crew said the bottle they were pouring his whisky and coke from was nearly empty so they would just finish it off on him – he had no fewer than four whiskies piled up on his table, all at the same time! It made for quite a funny experience, although we were a little concerned what other passengers would think of us.  Would I fly Air India again

There’s no doubt in my mind, I would definitely fly Air India again. Everything about our flight was brilliant from beginning to end. We felt very well taken care of, it ran on time and most importantly of all, we made it here safely!

So if you are considering a trip to India, please don’t just head to the BA or Virgin websites to see what they have to offer, take a look at Air India and you may find you have a new airline you can trust.     

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