The many faces of India

The people are what make any trip for me and India has some of the most interesting and friendliest people I have ever met.

Here are just some of my favourite people shots from my trips to India.

A fisherman on the beach in Varkala. He offered to share his lunch of bananas and rice with me. 

An elderly lady who asked me to take her photograph on a train station platform in Karnataka.

Two cheeky boys on a bicycle in HampiA shop owner and his friend on a train station platform in Karnataka. 

I love this photo. The only person not looking at the camera was the subject, my husband.

These ladies saw me taking other people’s photographs on a train station platform in Karnataka and asked to have their’s taken to. The only person who wasn’t so keen was the lady in the red sari. This gentleman worked at the Vivanta by Taj resort in Kochi. He had such a friendly face. Another picture from the station platform in Karnataka. This was two chai wallahs, their friend and a lady who was selling nuts. This dude was clearly amused at my husband and I hiring a moped to get around Hampi.  These girls were on the bus we caught from Deshnok to Bikaner. When we got off the very packed bus they asked if we would take their photograph.


This shot was a tricky one to take due to just how crowded the bus was and the inability to move. It is an other one from the bus between Deshnok and Bikaner. This family really wanted their photograph taken.

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