Late night London

Just a quick post as we approach the weekend. Yes I know it is only Wednesday but Thursday is the new Friday and all that, plus if you are on holiday here then every day is a Friday! 

So London has some excellent bars and pubs, particularly in the centre. And as the weather warms up, who doesn’t want to sit outside on London’s historic streets, late into the night, with a drink in hand? But I’m afraid there’s a bit of a problem in London – once we hit 11 or 12, last orders are called almost everywhere and Late night revellers are scratching their heads wondering ‘where to now?’ We were wondering this last Friday and stumbled across an excellent bar, The Craft Beer Co.  Situated on High Holborn about a 5 walk from Covent Garden, the  Craft Beer Co. is part of a small chain of bars around London, with one having recently opened in Brighton.   


The selection of spirits was superb – there was an amazing bar filled with what seemed like a million different varieties of whisky, vodka, gin, rum – you name it, they had it!   Prices were reasonable. I ordered a vodka and  orange plus a bourbon and coke and it came to just £8.50. 

 Best of all, it is open until midnight on Sunday through Wednesday while on Thursday, Friday and Saturday it is open until 1am. We left a little after 1am and they were in no hurry to get rid of customers. It was great to be somewhere where you weren’t being told to leave just two minutes after ordering your final drink.  Top marks for this place. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a late night beverage in central London. 

Address: 28-30 Endell Street, London WC2H 9AG 

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