Tous les Jour Dimanche

Lille is foodie heaven! In the 48 hours we were there we ate so much great food, yet we didn’t try half of what Lille had to offer – there just weren’t enough meal times in our trip!

One place we did try was the beautiful Tous Les Jour Dimanche or Every Day is Sunday and we were not dissapointed.

Kitted out in a rustic style, Tous les Jour Dimanche is a small restaurant situated just a two minute walk from the cathedral. When we arrived about half an hour after they had opened, the restaurant was near empty with just one other couple eating there. We were a little sceptical – we had walked past so many beautiful packed restaurants and cafes on the way there. Had we made a huge mistake searching for this place?

Alas our worries did not last for long. About 10 minute after we walked in, so did half of Lille and when we were served our food we were not dissapointed.

The restaurant had a range of set menu options to chose from ranging from about €13 to €18. I opted for one which offered a main course with house wine, a coffee and a half portion of dessert. This was perfect for me and anyone else who would like to try one of the delicious looking desserts but couldn’t manage a full portion. It is also important to remember that in France, house wine means nice wine unlike in the UK where it tends to mean ‘just about drinkable’.  

For main course I ordered the chorizo quiche with salad, while for dessert I opted for the peach and pear tart.    


My husband, Alex picked the smoked salmon and Brie cibbatta with salad and a lemon tart for dessert.  
 Both meals were delicious and we left feeling very full and satisfied. 

There was a little problem with our bank card. The manager explained that sometimes the machine struggles with foreign bank cards even though it’ll take French ones. That was easily solved- we just popped to the cash point about a five minute walk away.

Overall the experience was great. I would highly recommend that any foodie trip to France has a stop off at Tous Les Jour Dimanche. 



13, rue Bartholomé-Masurel



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