Glastonbury 2015 – it’s not too late!

The first weekend in April used to mark something very special for me – Glastonbury tickets going on sale. But gone are those days. 

Today tickets go on sale in October when you place down a deposit. The first week of April now represents a frantic panic to remember to pay off the balance so as not to lose your golden ticket to the festival of the year.


What is Glastonbury?

I probably need to back up a bit and explain exactly what Glastonbury is. The Glastonbury Festival of Contempory Performing Arts is a five day music festival situated in the rolling countryside of Somerset in South West England. For most of the year, Glastonbury is just a quaint little town with a slightly hippyish vibe. Tourists occasionally come to visit the Glastonbury Tor, a hill topped with the grade two listed  St Michael’s Tower, but apart from that it is a pretty quiet town. That is until the week of the festival when 175,000 people descend on the town complete with tents, backpacks and usually enough food and beverages to last the full five days. 


In recent years, famous musicians such as Jay-Z, the Rolling Stones, Kasabian, Beyoncé, Dolly Parton and Radiohead (to name just a few) have all made an appearance, but there is so much more to it than the music. There is a kids field complete with children’s entertainers, crafts and all the practical facilities you need to take care of a child at a festival; a comedy tent, circus acts, musicians from far flung nations, dance companies (the English National Ballet appeared in 2014), food from all four corners of the globe, a skate ramp, fields dedicated to helping the environment – the list goes on and on… 


There is so much to do that the five days spent there never feels like enough! 


When is it?

Glastonbury Festival takes place almost every year from the Wednesday after the summer solstice and ends the on the Sunday, but revellers can stay on site until Monday, when you usually see lots of bleary eyed festival goers heading towards their cars! This means that in 2015 it will take place from Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th June.


Am I too late for 2015?

Although tickets go on sale in October and they usually sell out in a matter of hours, Inevitably plans change between October and April and every year there are several thousand tickets returned which are then resold in a second sale which will, this year, take place on Sunday April 19th for standard entry tickets (Thursday 16th April for tickets which come with coach travel). 

So how do I get in on the action?

First things first, you need to register ASAP. To discourage ticket touts, the festival has a registration process which includes uploading a photograph of your face, which is then printed on to your ticket. The registration process usually closes a day or two before any sales or resales so do it now to avoid dissapointment.


How much are the tickets?

The tickets increase in price a little every year. This year they are £220 plus £5 booking fee. This may at first seem expensive for five days in a field, but when you consider just how much entertainment is put on throughout those five days, it really isn’t all that bad. What’s more, children under the age of 12 go free so it can work out as a pretty reasonably priced family holiday. 

Handy links

Glastonbury Festival official website

Register your face so you can apply for a ticket

Glastonbury tourist board

Check out my Glastonbury Pinterest board for some wonderful images of Glastonbury Festival.

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